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Spiritual Readings


Spiritual Readings are given with the aid of Spiritual influence and guidance through connection to spirit, we offer

Spiritual Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Psychometry, Crystal and Palm Readings.

Tarot Card Reading first became popular in the mid 15th Century in middle Europe as a form of divination -  to fore tell the future outcome of events yet to take place.

A Tarot Card reading can contain much detailed information on past, current and future events and show different outcomes depending on choice s of the subject, Our Tarot Card readings are highly accurate and take from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the spread of the cards, Tarot Readings can be cast either in person or over the phone with the same amount of accuracy and detailed information, here again we tap into spiritual energy to direct the spreads of the cards and not just by shuffling, the readings are amazingly much more accurate because Spirit plays a major part on not only the card spread but also in the interpretations of the cards themselves

this is one of our most popular Readings 


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Spiritual Healing we use crystals with special properties in our Crystal Energy Meditations and Cleansing Sessions
The power of Crystals is found in their structural formation, they act as both receivers as well as conductors of energy somewhat like a battery, a crystal can be 'charged' with positive healing energy that will radiate over time, bringing positive energies where before non had existed. Like wise crystals can be used to absorb negative energies preparing the body to accept positive healing and life enriching energy

Crystal Regression Meditations
these meditations are designed to reach back into ones being to discover underlying issues that may have been brought from a past time and are complicating ones current existence and life path way forming blockages that prevent one form progressing and succeeding in their chosen directions such as Relationships, Business and Career, difficulty bonding or building trust with others, the regression sessions can unblock negative energy and renew one's zest for life and rebuild ambition and drive that was blocked by this negativity. these sessions are one hour in duration and can be combined with a healing meditation as a follow up.


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Spiritual Healing

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations are designed to achieve different results
The main types of Meditations are: 

Crystal Energy Meditations, designed to replace lost or depleted physical and spiritual energy that can cause one to lose interest in life, lost performance in one's work leading to financial complications and even straining ones relationships as a result, the Crystal Energy Meditation can replace depleted spiritual energy to help focus and prepare one for the challenges of life
Crystal Healing Meditations are designed to align the chakra's and promote physical as well as emotional healing from sickness, depression and even grieving, taping into the body's natural ability to heal it's self the energies generated by the Crystals can initiate and speed up the healing process through use of tones and vibrations that are processed through the crystals and pass through into the Body. Excellent results can be expected for those who chose to take these healing meditations as a form of treatment for almost all manner of ailments physical spiritual and emotional 


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With today's uncertain times more and more people are experiencing difficulty in making important life choices
in matters of the Heart, Business and Career, Finances and Family Life. Consulting a Spiritual Life coach and Light worker can better prepare you to make those choices with more confidence and clarity 

Experience a new beginning